UBL netbanking

Netbanking Payment Procedure:

1. Only UBL account holders having the facility of UBL Netbanking can make payment via this payment method

2. The Customers with existing UBL accounts will need to activate their Netbanking facility on their UBL account (one time activity). You need to this with your UBL account branch or on UBL website www.ubldirect.com

3. After logging in to the UBL Netbanking website, the Customer will view the main dashboard of their account, from there they need to select the Tab My Payments and scroll down to Online Shopping option.

4. Online Shopping option will lead them to the list of vendors from where the Customer selects Tohfay.com as their preferred choice to shop from.

5. The Customers will enter the required details to complete the process.

6. The Customers will get payment confirmation receipt after successful completion of the Transaction by UBL.